Florida State reportedly received an invitation to join the Southeastern Conference and the university has 90 days to make a decision, a source close to the Seminoles athletic department told the Alabama Journal.

Florida State officials, however, denied the report. Last night Florida State spokesman Wayne Hogan described the report as "totally false," saying Univerisity President Bernard Sliger and Athletic Director Bob Goin had not received a formal offer or any type of deadline from SEC officials.

"If we did {receive an offer based on a deadline} it would be an easy decision," Hogan told the Associated Press. "See you later."

Hogan did say that Florida State officials have discussed the possibility with SEC officials but with no timetable in mind. Florida State is an independent in football and a member of the Metro Conference in other sports.

Yesterday's report said several coaches at the American Football Coaches Association convention in Dallas confirmed the SEC's invitation to Florida State. The presidents of the 10 SEC schools voted last week to expand the league.

The report also said Arkansas, a member of the Southwest Conference, likely will be the second school invited to join.

"What's happening is, more or less, Arkansas' moving might be a trigger to set off a chain reaction," said Dick Schultz, executive director of the NCAA. "I predicted to my staff over a year ago, within five years we would see a major realignment of conferences. It might be quicker than five years."