PORTLAND, ORE., JUNE 10 -- The rigors of NBA coaching can be a grind.

With speculation already rampant before today on Pat Riley's departure from the Lakers, the search for a coach in Boston, and Chuck Daly's future with the Pistons, the question of coaching burnout comes up regularly.

"I think with one team," six or eight years is enough, Daly said. "Cotton Fitzsimmons, he's been coaching a lot of different franchises for a lot longer than that, as has Lenny Wilkens.

"But with one franchise, sometimes that can be a factor. Businesses have, what, a meeting a week? That might be 52 a year, or less.

"We have 200 meetings a year of some sort. Practice, film sessions. That's why I use my assistants all the time. I hardly talk." Better Than Olympics?

Portland guard Drazen Petrovic had dozens of messages waiting for him when the Trail Blazers won the Western Conference title. It made Petrovic the first of the European import players to make The Finals.

"Last year I watch The Finals. Detroit beat 4-0 Lakers," said Petrovic, who played in two medal games for Yugoslavia in the Olympics. "I play 1984 for third place and 1988 I played the final. You can't compare this to an Olympic final but this is something special, much better. Nine months' hard work."