CAGLIARI, SARDINIA, JUNE 11 -- Fans remained calm before and during England's 1-1 tie with Ireland on Monday night in one of the World Cup games Italian authorities felt required extra security measures.

Although the game was slow and plagued by rain, spectators were on good behavior.

Before the game, while supporters of Ireland and England sang and stomped their feet, more than 2,000 policemen stood guard. That bothered several fans, who were further annoyed by two helicopters overhead and police with guard dogs.

"This is rubbish. I know they have to be careful, but this is over the top," said Paul Langford, 30, a sales representative from Bristol, England.

The Irish weren't any happier.

"They are crazy," said Eddie Regan, 43, a Dublin bartender. "We are bored to tears and you can't even find a place open selling cigarettes."

Until the weekend, the only incident occurred in Cagliari, where three English fans were arrested for trashing a hotel room. However, Friday night, 14 English fans were charged with criminal damage and resisting arrest after a bottle-throwing incident with police. On Saturday, two Britons in Genoa carrying knives and chains were expelled from the country.

In Milan, 40 West Germans and four Swiss fans were expelled from Italy, according to an official.New Strategy

Defending champion Argentina, reeling from its loss to unheralded Cameroon, plans to change its lineup and tactics for Wednesday's Group B game with the Soviet Union.

Coach Carlos Bilardo said he would start attacker Claudio Caniggia in place of Abel Balbo.

"This game against the Soviets will be a matter of life or death," said Bilardo.