PORTLAND, ORE., JUNE 11 -- They had the best in sartorial splendor and the best of teams over the last few seasons, and Chuck Daly is sad to see his rival Pat Riley go.

"Here's a guy who's as identifiable as any Laker," the Detroit Pistons coach said. "Winds of change. I predicted {three weeks ago} that this year would be the biggest changeover in coaching positions in this league -- which are all CEO positions from a salary standpoint -- the biggest change in the history of the league. Whatever Pat wants to do, he's successful."

So far, coaching jobs have opened in Boston, Atlanta, and, with Riley's resignation today, both Los Angeles teams. And, of course, there is still speculation that Daly will leave after this season to take an analyst job with NBC.

ESPN reported this evening that the Pistons asked for permission to talk with Miami Coach Ron Rothstein, Daly's former assistant in Detroit, in case Daly leaves after the Finals. Miami reportedly said no. . . .

Former Atlanta Coach Mike Fratello also is here for the playoffs, working for Sports News Network. Fratello resigned from the Hawks' job after Atlanta failed to make the playoffs, citing the need to make a change.

He said today: "With these people, when you have good squads like both Chuck and Pat had, even Atlanta, our nucleus basically remains the same. The top six guys, the top seven guys for the Lakers have been there; the starting five, and then {Michael} Cooper coming off the bench.

"The people here, the nucleus of Isiah {Thomas}, Joe {Dumars}, Bill {Laimbeer}, they're there now, coming through it all with you. A lot of tough wins, a lot of tough losses, a lot of days of practice, a lot of travel together. It comes back to the old thing. If there's change to be made, it's much easier to change one person than it is to change 12 people.

"And it goes down to feeling. Do you feel you really still have them? Do you still have them listening? Are they still intense? Are they still working as hard as they can? And sometimes when you're great competitors, if you don't feel you have them anymore, sometimes you feel it's better to move on and find a different situation." Fixed at the Line

Portland guard Terry Porter is on a foul-shooting roll. He has made all 26 of his free throws in the Finals, including a record-setting 15 of 15 performance in Game 2. In his last nine playoff games he is 46 of 51 (.902) from the foul line.

"I've been a pretty good free throw shooter all my life," he said. "I just try to have a good focus and try to have a good release. I just focus on the rim and try to block everything else out." . . .

Dennis Rodman will play Tuesday, though he was giving all the appearances of a man in despair to the media. "I want to play real bad, but if Chuck says no, Chuck says no," said Rodman.