LAS VEGAS, JUNE 15 -- Mike Tyson admits to having been devastated by his title loss to James "Buster" Douglas, but claims there will be no after-effects.

Henry Tillman, who will fight Tyson Saturday night, has his doubts. So does George Foreman, who will be an interested spectator.

"I'm in a great frame of mind," said Tyson, weighing in at 217 pounds.

"I'm sure his confidence was affected," Tillman said. "The question is how long his recovery time will be."

The oddsmakers don't believe the 215-pound Tillman will be able to answer the question of how Tyson was affected by his 10th-round knockout by Douglas Feb. 11 in Tokyo. Tyson is a 30-to-1 favorite.

Foreman, who is a strong favorite to beat Adilson Rodrigues on the card at Caesars Palace and who wants to fight Tyson, feels it's too soon for Tyson to be trying to answer questions about his ability and career.

Foreman knows the feeling. He was an intimidating, brooding heavyweight champion -- then was upset by Muhammad Ali in 1974.

"I was depressed for a year," Foreman said of his loss to Ali. "I'd wake up in the night sweating -- like somebody was pouring water on me."

Except for exhibitions, Foreman did not fight again for 15 months after his loss. He got up from two knockdowns to knock out Ron Lyle Jan. 24, 1976. "After I got up, I got my sleep back," said Foreman, who retired to become an evangelist, but is 21-0 with 20 knockouts since returning after a 10-year layoff.

"He won't be able to sleep until he gets the title back, until he redeems himself," said Foreman, who weighed in at 263 pounds.

Tillman outpointed Tyson, then 18, in the 1984 Olympic Trials and again in the box-off. Tyson, however, is vastly more experienced as a pro than 29-year-old Tillman, who has fought four times since 1987.

Foreman questions the handling of Tyson, who is estranged from manager Bill Cayton and is being guided by promoter Don King.

"Tyson is like a wonderful ship without a great captain," Foreman said. "Once they get him a great captain, that ship will sail fine. If not, he's going to be another Titanic story."

Tyson is getting $3 million while Foreman's purse is $2 million. Tillman is getting $350,000, and Rodrigues, 31, of Brazil, is getting $175,000.