LAS VEGAS, JUNE 16 -- Mike Tyson marked his return to the ring tonight with a single smashing right hand that knocked out Henry Tillman in the first round.

Tyson then helped the stricken Tillman to his feet.

Tyson's victory followed a second-round knockout by George Foreman of Adilson Rodrigues.

It was Tyson's first fight since he lost the heavyweight championship on a shocking 10th-round knockout to James "Buster" Douglas on Feb. 11 at Tokyo.

Tyson made sure there was going to be no surprise on this 87-degree night, though.

A 20-to-1 favorite, Tyson came swarming out of his corner at the opening bell and kept the pressure on Tillman until the end, which came at 2 minutes 47 seconds.

"I'm still the greatest fighter in the universe," boasted Tyson, who then issued a warning to Douglas and top-ranked Evander Holyfield, who are scheduled to fight for the title on Sept. 21 at The Mirage.

"All I know is that it's going to be a tough fight if the winner gets me," Tyson said. "I didn't have any doubt on the outcome, but I was skeptical about my performance. Now I want to fight as often as I can."

Tyson was a little wild as he lunged after the circling Tillman, who caught the former champ with a right hand to the head 30 seconds into the fight. It had no affect.

Tyson hurt Tillman with a right hand to the body at the 1:30 mark and landed a grazing right hand high on the head at 2:20 that signaled what was about to happen to Tillman (20-5), who beat Tyson twice as an amateur.

When Tyson landed the final right high to the head, Tillman fell in a heap in Tyson's corner and was counted out by referee Richard Steele.

Tyson, who will be 24 on June 30, scored his 34th knockout in boosting his record to 38-1. He earned $2 million.

Foreman knocked out the Brazilian with a three-punch combination to the head at 2:39 of the round to run his record to 22-0 with 21 knockouts since he began a comeback in 1987, 10 years after the former heavyweight champion had retired.

Foreman wants to fight Tyson, but it doesn't appear the two men will meet each other in their next fights. Tyson is supposed to fight Alex Stewart on Sept. 8 while promoter Bob Arum said he hopes to have Foreman fight Francisco Damiani of Italy sometime in September.

Foreman caught Rodrigues with a left jab, then followed it with a right hand and a left hook that put him. Rodrigues struggled to get up but was counted out by referee Carlos Padilla.

Foreman, who at 263 pounds outweighed his opponent by 44 pounds, stalked Rodrigues from the opening bell, using an effective left jab to keep the Brazilian off balance.

"Youth and enthusiasm are great," said Foreman, 41. "But age and craftiness are better for me."

Rodrigues, ranked No. 10 by the World Boxing Association, tried to move against the plodding Foreman and was successful in the first round while landing several hard hooks to Foreman's ample midsection.

But in the second round, Foreman's punching power began to show when he began landing body shots.

After landing three uppercuts midway through the round, Foreman followed with two body shots and several jabs before landing the combination that sent the 32-year-old to the canvas.

Padilla, who was forced to go across the ring and wave Foreman into a neutral corner before picking up the count, returned to find Rodrigues with a hand on the lower rope trying to get up. Rodrigues, though, never made it off the canvas and was counted out.

Foreman landed 39 of his 65 punches. Rodrigues landed 29 of 82.

Foreman, whose comeback seemed comical when he first returned to the ring in 1987, set himself up for another big payday and a possible shot at Tyson next year.

Foreman, who ran his record to 67-2 with 62 knockouts in a professional career that began in 1968, held the heavyweight title in 1973-74 before being stopped by Muhammad Ali in Zaire.

Tonight's fight was the third win for Foreman this year and was his second second-round knockout. He stopped Gerry Cooney on Jan. 15 in the second round in Atlantic City.