WIMBLEDON, ENGLAND, JUNE 29 -- Steffi Graf has withdrawn from the West German Federation Cup team that will compete in Atlanta next month, according to published reports. Graf pulled out a month after committing to the women's version of Davis Cup.

The move is likely to be seen by Germans as Graf's way of protesting the stream of newspaper stories about her father's private life. The 21-year-old former Grand Slam champion has suggested she might move to the United States full time because of constant media pressure she experiences at home.

According to the Guardian, the German federation released a brief statement after Graf's withdrawal: "We accept her decision as she has done so much for the federation in the past."

Graf lives in Bruhl, West Germany, but keeps a second home in Boca Raton, Fla. She told the German magazine Stern that the stories have hurt her game and she may leave the country if the pressure becomes too much. Today, however, she said she does not intend to move.

"I do not have that plan right now," she said. "It's very difficult to say what I'm going to do in the next couple of years." A Man of One Word

Ivan Lendl's refusal to label his preoccupation with winning his first Wimbledon an "obsession" resulted in a funny exchange with Bud Collins, NBC's color commentator and columnist for the Boston Globe. They've had a running debate, Lendl telling Collins to find another word.

Collins returned to Lendl after two days of research with several English and Czechoslovakian words. The following bantering ensued:

"How about fixation, ruling passion, infatuation?" Collins said.

"Keep trying," Lendl said.

"Here's the one," Collins said. "Monomania."

"I may have to buy a dictionary for that one," Lendl said.

After much discussion, they finally settled on desire. "That would be about right," Lendl said. They also agreed on the Czech word zazrany, which means a stubborn determination to get something.

"Make sure of the pronunciation though," Lendl said. "You could be in trouble with the other; it's a dirty word." . . .

Gabriela Sabatini of Argentina came to Wimbledon with a new coach, after parting with longtime coach Angel Gimenez at the French Open. She has hired former ATP Tour player Carlos Kirmayr of Brazil, a 39-year-old from San Paulo whose best ranking was No. 39.

Sabatini left Gimenez after she was upset in the round of 16 in Paris by Jana Novotna of Czechoslovakia. She was said to be unhappy with her physical and mental conditioning, lacking confidence and stamina.