The mayor of Turin doesn't want England to play in his city if the team qualifies for the World Cup semifinals, and he has asked soccer's governing body to move the British elsewhere if they win their quarterfinal match.

Magnani Noya cited the Heysel tragedy in which Italian fans were killed in rioting by British fans and he noted problems this month with English fans.

"The actions of the hooligans in recent days are testimony to the dangers connected to their presence in Turin," Noya told the Italian sports newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

There were clashes this week in Rimini between British fans, Italians and police that resulted in more than 200 Britons being thrown out of Italy.

"As mayor of Turin, I officially ask FIFA to invert the venues of the two semifinals not so much because Turin is unprepared, but because the memory of the Heysel tragedy that hit our city could aggravate the danger of the hooligans sparking a counterreaction," Noya said.

A FIFA spokesman said Friday the request was premature because England has yet to play its quarterfinal match.

Among the Missing

After helping their teams reach the quarterfinals, some key players were missing this weekend. Some were injured, but seven were benched because of yellow and red cards.

Rudi Voeller, West Germany's star striker, will miss today's game against Czechoslovakia because of a suspension following his controversial ejection against The Netherlands.

"I'm a sad man," Voeller said, adding that his absence would detract from the game. "If I'm well and not in trouble, the best German attacker is me. There are no rivals to confront me."

Absences have hit hard at today's match between England and Cameroon. Cameroon has lost four starters because of yellow cards -- and suspensions -- and will be forced to use an improvised defense. England will be missing captain Bryan Robson, who returned home with a foot injury.