The son of a retired Italian boxing champion and another man have been charged in Bologna, Italy, with the death of an English soccer fan attending the World Cup.

David Monaghan, 26, died of head injuries June 25 after being hit by a car while fleeing the two men, one of whom had an ax, Bologna police spokesman Salvatore Surace said.

Arrested were Marco Gironi, 23, and Federico Cane, 19, son of Dante Cane, Italian heavyweight boxing champion in the 1970s who lost a bid for the European title in 1975.

According to police, Monaghan and a friend, Lee Richardson, were taunted by the two when they stopped to ask directions near the railroad station. Surace said the Englishmen ran when Cane took an ax from the trunk of his car.

Richardson wrote down the license number and police tracked down the pair. They were freed pending trial on charges of aggravated assault and possession of an illegal weapon.

Surace said Cane already was free on bail from an arrest for cocaine possession last month.

Overzealous in Argentina

Police used water cannons and tear gas last night to disperse people disrupting massive celebrations in central Buenos Aires after Argentina's victory over Italy in the World Cup, witnesses said.

Armored vehicles swept up and down some of the city's main streets and avenues, flushing revellers into side streets after bands of young men clashed with police in riot gear, throwing rocks and stones and trying to overturn cars.

Argentine President Carlos Menem told the state news agency Telam that 30 people were arrested, while private radio stations quoting police sources said over 200 had been detained. No injuries were immediately reported. . . .

FIFA, the international soccer federation, said that Refik Sabandzovic of Yugoslavia and Lubomir Moravcik of Czechoslovakia had been fined $14,285 each and suspended for one game after being expelled during World Cup quarterfinal matches. They will serve those suspensions during European Championships qualifying. Frantisek Straka of Czechoslovakia and Thomas N'Kono and Roger Milla of Cameroon each was fined $7,142 and suspended for his next international game.