VITTEL, FRANCE, JULY 6 -- Canada's Steve Bauer stayed in the overall lead through another damp day in the Tour de France today as the first turning point of the race approached.

A 38-mile individual time trial from Vittel to Epinal on Saturday is a change after six stages of flat racing.

Two-time champion Greg LeMond is 23rd, 10 minutes 41 seconds behind Bauer.

Both Bauer and LeMond know the time trial is important, not only in the overall standings, but as a psychological advantage with still two weeks left.

"In the time trial Greg is the best, but if I make a good race I can limit the difference," Bauer said.

LeMond won the first time trial last year to leap into the lead, but 10 minutes is too much to gain in one race.

"Steve has the yellow jersey on his back and that is motivating him," LeMond said.

Today's leg of 126 miles from Sarrebourg to Vittel was won by Dutchman Jelle Nijdam.

Bauer again finished in the pack in 41st place. LeMond was 34th, but both were eight seconds behind of the winner.

The Canadian has a 34-second edge over Ronan Pensec of France, with Frans Maassen of the Netherlands 37 seconds back. Sixth-Stage Results 126-mile leg from Sarrebourg to Vittel

1, Jelle Nijdam, Buckler, Netherlands, 5 hours 23 minutes 56 seconds; 2, Jesper Skibby, TVM, Denmark, same time; 3, Johan Museeuw, Lotto, Belgium, same time; 4, Giovanni Fidanza, Chateau d'Ax, Italy, same time; 5, Vintyeslav Ekimov, Panasonic, Soviet Union, same time; 6, Guy Nulens, Panasonic, Belgium, 3 seconds behind; 7, Adriano Baffi, Ariosteaa, Italy, 8 seconds; 8, Olaf Ludwig, Panasonic, East Germany, same time; 9, Adrie Van der Poel, Weinmann, Netherlands, same time; 10, Djamolidine Abdushaparov, Alfa, Soviet Union, same time. Other Americans and 7-Eleven Team members

39, Greg LeMond, Z, Wayzata, Minn., same time; 41, Steve Bauer, 7-Eleven, Canada, same time; 45, Ron Kiefel, 7-Eleven, Boulder, Colo., same time; 76, Andy Bishop, 7-Eleven, Tucson, same time; 85, Sean Yates, 7-Eleven, Britain, same time; 86, Andy Hampsten, 7-Eleven, Boulder, Colo., same time; 121, Dag-Otto Lauritzen, 7-Eleven, Norway, same time. Overall Standings

1, Bauer, 28:45:01; 2, Ronan Pensec, Z, France, 34 behind; 3, Frans Maassen, Buckler, Netherlands, 37 behind; 4, Claudio Chiapucci, Carrera, Italy, 1:05 behind; 5, Gerrit Solleveld, Buckler, Netherlands, 7:26 behind; 6, Raul Alcala, PDM, Mexico, 10:02 behind; 7, Sean Kelly, PDM, Ireland, 10:03 behind; 8, Stephen Rooks, Panasonic, Netherlands, 10:09 behind; 9, Nulens, 10:11 behind; 10, Allan Peiper, Australia, Panasonic, 10:16 behind. Other Americans and 7-Eleven Team members

22, LeMond, 10:41 behind; 29, Lauritzen, 11:02; 42, Davis Phinney, 7-Eleven, Boulder, Colo., 11:23; 49, Hampsten, 11:31.