Diego Maradona, frustrated by Argentina's loss in the World Cup final, said yesterday at the airport in Rome that the mafia orchestrated a plot to ensure a West German victory.

Maradona, the Argentine captain, also said Mexican referee Edgardo Codesal was a stronger opponent than West Germany in Sunday's championship match, won by the West Germans, 1-0. Codesal ejected two Argentine players and awarded a decisive penalty kick to West Germany in the final minutes.

"I will have to tell my elder daughter Dalmita that the mafia exists also in soccer," Maradona said. "The penalty which defeated us did not exist and was given to award victory to West Germany and punish Argentina."

Maradona said he broke into tears at the end of the match "because I was seized by anger for our impotence to fight superior forces, stronger than us and West Germany."

The Argentine captain did not elaborate about his allegations.

Germans Clash With Police

Celebrations of West Germany's victory turned violent as hooligans attacked police and foreigners, smashed windows and looted stores in both German states.

Police said four people were killed and more than 100 injured during melees and brawls in the two nations.

In the West German city of Hamburg, about 400 hooligans threw rocks and bottles at police. Fifty-four officers were injured and 88 people were arrested, according to police. Windows of more than 20 stores were smashed, a bar was destroyed and several police and private automobiles were damaged.

Police used truncheons and water cannons to break up the crowd. . . .

Luca de Montezemolo, director-general of the World Cup Organizing Committee declared the tournament a success.

On average, each of the 52 matches was watched by 577 million television viewers worldwide, de Montezemolo said, adding that "half of the human race watched the soccer at least once." The figure was about double the number that watched the World Cup in Mexico City in 1986.

De Montezemolo also said 93 percent of all tickets were sold, for a total of $142 million.