Thomas Boswell was wrong to argue that players such as Nolan Ryan, Dwight Gooden, Robin Yount, Carlton Fisk, Don Mattingly, Bo Jackson and Eric Davis should have been picked for the All-Star Game because of their pre-1990 achievements (July 9 edition). While an all-star case may be made for a few of them based on their performances this season, using career stats and "charisma" as reasons for their 1990 all-star status is absurd. Such know-nothing balloting is precisely why we must endure more than our share of over-the-hill veterans and overexposed media darlings every year.

Why deny deserving players a chance to play in the mid-summer classic, merely in an attempt to vicariously relive summers past? The all-star game is held once a year to showcase the all-stars for that year, not the previous five or 10. Perhaps Major League Baseball should hold an annual Soon to be Old-Timers Game for fans such as Boswell who refuse to live in the present. Sean O'Brien Washington Too Bold on Orioles

Three cheers for Ned Fuller's letter of July 8 concerning the Post's daily coverage of the Baltimore Orioles. It's about time somebody blew the whistle on your bush league sports crew.

The thing that galls me the most is your continuing to put the Orioles in bold type in the American League standings. Was this some clandestine agreement between you and the Orioles? Or are you just against the D.C. area ever getting a new franchise? Gary S. O'Neal Richmond

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