"America's Team" becomes No One's Team starting today when TBS begins coverage of the Goodwill Games in Seattle. The Atlanta Braves are carried by the superstation, but with the 17-day, Turner-sponsored Games, the baseball club won't be seen again until Aug. 7.

TBS telecasts 86 hours of the 21-sport event, 8:05-12:05 each night, plus 3:05-6:05 on weekend afternoons.

While HTS's Mel Proctor handles the boxing announcing for TBS, Bob Rathbun from Richmond will fill in as the Orioles' play-by-play announcer during the July 30-Aug. 4 homestand.


Larry Magen, a television producer in Pittsburgh, was asked by the Pittsburgh Press why he thought Sports News Network's Karie Ross, formerly of ESPN, would be a good co-host for a show with Steelers quarterback Bubby Brister.

"We want sparks to fly. Bubby has a reputation as a lady's man, and she's hot-looking," he said. "There will be an undertone of sexual nuance that will happen naturally on this show."

Ross did not take the job and said, "The very idea is offensive and demeaning to all women sportscasters."


Why are television executives apprehensive about acquiring the rights to the 1994 World Cup? This year's championship match on TNT was watched by only 1 percent of the TV viewers in the United States and the 25 games on English-speaking TV averaged less than a half-percent.

NBC earned a 4.1 rating for the 1986 final and ABC a 6.6 in 1982. Limited by weekday and morning starting times, the 1990 matches averaged a 1.2 cable rating and a 4 share, watched in 571,000 homes.


Bill Macatee, formerly of "USA Today on TV" and NBC, will host USA Network's coverage of the World League of American Football beginning next March.