EMMITSBURG, MD., JULY 19 -- Danny Ferry today renewed an annual rite of summer he has observed since he was 8. For many years, he was a camper at DeMatha High School Coach Morgan Wootten's Mason-Dixon basketball camp. This time, Ferry made a visit to Mount St. Mary's College as a guest speaker.

Before addressing the 480 campers, including a non-English-speaking group of 10 Taiwanese, Ferry said he had no regrets about spending the past year playing professionally in Italy and that he had been prepared to play next season with the Los Angeles Clippers, the NBA team that originally drafted him in 1989.

Ferry also said he "was shocked" when he learned his NBA rights had been traded in midseason to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

About another aspect of his family's busy year, Ferry said his father, Bob, may have been "burned out" toward the end of his long career as general manager of the Washington Bullets. Ferry said his father "was almost relieved" by the mutual decision with the club that led to his sudden resignation two months ago.

"I am happy I went to Italy; I have no regrets. In fact, it is just the opposite because everything turned out great for me personally and business-wise," said Ferry, who recently signed a five-year deal with Cleveland estimated to be worth $14 million. "I was homesick, but I enjoyed it. I always wanted to spend a year in Europe -- I just thought I would do it after my career instead of before it."

Ferry said would have exercised the escape clause contained in his contract with Italy's Il Messaggero club even if the hapless Clippers had not traded his rights to Cleveland on Nov. 16 for guard Ron Harper and two No. 1 draft picks.

"My dream has always been to play in the NBA, not Italy," he said. "I thought all along I would be going to the Clippers next year. I was shocked when I heard about the trade. Part of the reason I was shocked was that I didn't want to know what was going on over here while I was there, so I didn't know what was going on. I found out about 1 a.m. when a reporter called."

Although Ferry has said few specifics about why he did not want to go to the Clippers, today he did say the makeup of the team before last year was not enticing.

"They had a good team, but they had all forwards," he said. "The deal in Italy just turned out to be a better one all-around."

While his life has been on the upswing, his father's hit a low with his resignation in May.

"I didn't expect it," said Ferry. "He called me on his car phone on his way home from the Capital Centre, told me he resigned and he was coming home -- and that he was bringing most of his things with him.

"I think he was a little burned out after 23 years {17 in management, six as a player} with the same team," said Ferry. "I think he was relieved by the whole thing. He has a lot of friends there, but not too many people in that business stay with one team that long. But he has stayed busy looking for something new."

Ferry said he and his father have not discussed Bob Ferry possibly applying for the open position as the University of Maryland's athletic director.

"I know he really likes the {Washington} area a lot," said Danny Ferry. "That would be a difficult spot to step into, but I think he would do a good job. I don't know if he would be interested, but I don't know if they would hire him if he was."