Running back Tony Collins, reinstated by the NFL last week after being banned two seasons for substance abuse, is getting a second chance. He has agreed to a one-year contract with the Miami Dolphins.

"He will be judged on a day-by-day, week-by-week basis," Coach Don Shula said in a prepared statement. "We made a decision to give him an opportunity based on his accomplishments as a player in the National Football League, and if he fulfills all our requirements, he has the opportuntity to compete for a position on our team."

Collins participated in the team's 12-minute run and covered the required distance.

He was banned from the NFL after testing positive for drugs while playing for the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts. He said 14 other teams told him they weren't interested in him after his ban ended July 11.

"Only two or three teams showed any interest in me, so Coach Shula has given me the opportunity to play when a lot of other people wouldn't," Collins told the the Palm Beach (Fla.) Post. "He's stuck his neck out for me and I'm going to make sure it doesn't get cut off. I'm here to prove to everyone in this league that I can still play, maybe better than before."