Tony Waddles, who works in a car dealership in Norman, Okla., says he was the mystery boxer knocked out in 2:02 Saturday in Pensacola, Fla.

Olympic silver medalist Roy Jones Jr. thought he knocked out Derwin Richards of Houston in the junior middleweight bout. But Richards spoke up, saying he wasn't even near Pensacola on Saturday.

Waddles told the Pensacola News Journal that he came to town with Oklahoma City fight manager Elvis Belt.

"Elvis Belt contacted me and said he may have a fight for me," Waddles said. "He said I could make some good money, something like $2,000 for this fight."

Waddles said he had only three professional fights and had been working out two months at Belt's small gym. He said Belt told him he would take care of everything, including signing the fight documents.

"I wasn't supposed to do nothing expect fight," Waddles said.

However, Tommy Griggs, an accountant employed by Square Ring Inc., a Pensacola company that promoted the fight, said he witnessed the imposter sign a settlement sheet and endorse a $1,960 check for his purse with Richards's signature.

After the check was signed, Griggs said he cashed it, giving Jones's opponent a sealed envelope containing cash. The boxer handed it to Belt and left the room, he said. . . .

Christophe Tiozzo (27-0) kept his WBA super-middleweight title by stopping Paul Whittaker in the eighth round in Arles, France.