CARLISLE, PA., JULY 26 -- Ricky Sanders got some good news today when he learned a Friday hearing in connection with a May 1 parking-lot incident in Houston has been delayed while the Harris County District Attorney's office continues to investigate the matter.

Sanders had been scheduled to fly to Houston. The hearing has been rescheduled for Aug. 10, but Sanders's attorneys say they're hopeful charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault will be dropped once the investigation is finished.

Sam Jamus, 28, a parking-lot attendant, claims Sanders intentionally struck him with his automobile. Jamus attempted to get a financial settlement from Sanders for 2 1/2 months, then last Friday filed a criminal complaint.

This week Jamus filed a civil suit against Sanders, seeking unspecified damages.

"Postponing the hearing tells us they're still looking at this thing," said Wendell Odom, Sanders's Houston-based attorney. "It means instead of them proceeding headlong ahead, they're taking a look. They recognize there are some odd circumstances. They're saying, 'Whoa, let's look at this.' "

Sanders left camp along with most other veterans after Wednesday morning's practice in Latrobe, Pa., and won't return until Sunday when the full camp begins. Early Hurts

Safety Brad Edwards and defensive lineman Milford Hodge suffered broken hands during Wednesday's scrimmage with the Pittsburgh Steelers (a 12-12 tie). Both are Plan B signees and figure prominently in the Redskins' plans, perhaps as starters.

Edwards was back practicing this afternoon, although there was no tackling. Trainers say he'll wear a cast about three weeks, and can take part in full drills when the soreness goes away.

Hodge may be out a bit longer because the soreness prevents him from getting into a three-point stance.

"It's a little setback," he said. "This is part of the game and I know that. It's still early, and as soon as the soreness is out of there I'll be back. It'll be no more than a week; maybe less than that. It feels better already. When I can get into my stance again, I can play." So Far, So Good

Rookie quarterback Cary Conklin said his performance in Wednesday's scrimmage was at least a place to start his pro career. He relieved veteran Jeff Rutledge during a drive and finished it by completing three of four passes, including an eight-yard touchdown to Jimmie Johnson.

That was also Conklin's last completion. He missed on nine passes in a row after that and finished three of 13 for 19 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

"It was a decent first scrimmage," he said. "I wish I'd have had a few more completions that last series, but the rush was coming pretty good. No one got a kill shot, but they were around me awhile. I just had to throw the ball away a few times."

Coach Joe Gibbs said the performance was better than it might have appeared. "He had good work," Gibbs said. "I'm impressed with his poise. The rush was on him pretty good and he made the right decision in throwing away one or two of those passes. I'm certainly not going to make a final decision based on the first scrimmage."

Overall, Gibbs said the scrimmage "was pretty typical for the first time out. There are a lot of things we need to correct. Defensively, we did a good job tackling and being aggressive. Offensively, we need some fine-tuning."

The Redskins get another chance Saturday when the New England Patriots come to Carlisle for a 1 p.m. scrimmage.