SEATTLE, JULY 27 -- Ollan Cassell, executive director of The Athletics Congress, the national governing body of track and field in the United States, was in charge of getting athletes here for the track and field competition.

Cassell was able to attract 69 athletes whose performances this year rank them in the top five in the world. There are 34 track and field events, which means there was a pool of 170 athletes with top-five world performances. That means Cassell, who has been criticized here for not drawing enough superstars to the meet, got 41 percent of the world's best athletes. . . .

TBS President Ted Turner, who was to have thrown out the first pitch for the U.S.-Soviet Union baseball game, arrived fashionably late Thursday night, showing up in the bottom of the first inning because he got caught in traffic.

Undaunted, organizers decided to have him go to the mound at the start of the second inning and throw out the first ball. That done, the game went on. But there was concern that Turner's tardy pitch might confuse the Soviets, who still are learning about the game.

"They'll probably think that all games start with the ceremonial first pitch in the second inning," one observer said.

Oh, Canada

Dave Rypien, brother of Washington Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien, is a catcher for Canada's baseball team here, though his home town is listed as Spokane, Wash.