Former Olympic diver Bruce Kimball, convicted of manslaughter two years ago when he drove his car into a crowd and killed two teen-agers, says he feels constant remorse about the accident.

"For a while, I've been wanting to come forward, but it's very difficult to talk about these things. I didn't take it in stride," Kimball told The Tampa Tribune in his first interview since being sentenced to 17 years in prison on Aug. 1, 1988.

"I want people to know that I am sorry for what I've done and I'm trying to change my life."

Kimball has served 19 months of his sentence for the incident in Brandon, Fla., that killed two and injured six. He was legally drunk at the time his sports car rammed into the group. Kimball pleaded guilty and never spoke publicly about his feelings -- leading families of the teen-agers to believe he didn't care.

In an interview at Marion Correctional Institution, Kimball also said he was a drug abuser at the time, but nine months of therapy in prison have helped him admit he had a drug and alcohol problem. He also said he has been silent until now on the advice of his lawyers.