NEW YORK, JULY 31 -- Tom Seaver, one of the names most prominently mentioned as a possibility to run the baseball operation part of the New York Yankees, denied he had been contacted by the team but would not rule out an interest in the job.

"It would be an interesting situation," said Seaver, at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night as a broadcaster. "If someone from the New York Yankees talked to me about it, I would listen."

Asked if he could figure out why he has popped up in so many speculative stories, Seaver said, "A person who has the kind of history I have in New York, the name will come up, especially with the relationship I've had with the club the last two years {as a broadcaster} and especially the proximity."

But Seaver did make clear that the Yankees are hardly a team ready to begin rearranging the front office. "A lot of things have to be ironed out before they get to the stage to decide who they would need to fill that position," the future Hall of Fame pitcher said.

When asked what he saw himself doing next season, Seaver said, "It's a question I've asked myself. What do I want to do after this year because PIX will not have the Yankee broadcasts. In essence, I told my wife I'm a free agent next year."