EDMONTON, ALBERTA, AUG. 1 -- Fight, win, talk. Fight, win, talk.

It's a pattern George Foreman has used for three years now while he waits for a chance to prove that he really is a force in the heavyweight division.

Foreman all but declared himself the uncrowned heavyweight boxing champion of the world Tuesday night after a third-round knockout of Canadian Ken Lakusta.

"Let me tell you I'm on my way to the heavyweight championship of the world," Foreman said after jarring Lakusta with a left hook that put him down for the second time in the round.

This time, Lakusta didn't get up.

"I'm 40-some years old," said Foreman, actually 41 and the winner of 23 straight fights in a comeback that started three years ago. "I'm almost 50 and I'm going to be the oldest man in boxing history to regain the world heavyweight championship."

After Foreman put Lakusta down for the first time, the 35-year-old Edmonton native regained his feet at the end of the count and landed a right hand that staggered Foreman momentarily.

"It wasn't that hard, but I was surprised," said Foreman, who weighed 261 pounds to Lakusta's 216. "I didn't think he had any fight left in him. I thought they should have stopped the fight and the next thing you know, he's swinging at me.

"So I went back out there and got everything in order real quick."