While it appeared George Steinbrenner had commitments from enough members of the New York Yankees' limited partnership to elect his son as the team's new managing general partner, a letter he wrote to the partners has created a stir.

In the letter, Steinbrenner asks the partners to extend to him behind-the-scenes business control of the team, according to today's New York Daily News. The New York Times reported today the partners will vote on Wednesday.

This latest Steinbrenner tactic would appear to be in conflict with Commissioner Fay Vincent's guidelines regarding the owner's permanent removal from the day-to-day operation of the club. Vincent said yesterday he was advised of the letter.

Sources said most of the limited partners were outraged at what is now becoming known as the Scarlet Steinbrenner Letter. Most of them, the sources said, refused to sign it or return it.

But earlier yesterday Michael Friedman, who, with a partner, owns about 6 percent of the team, told The Post he plans to vote to appoint Hank Steinbrenner. He needs a two-thirds majority to be approved, and his family owns about 60 percent of the team.

While Friedman has said, "I think it's a done deal; with perhaps one or two exceptions, we're all very supportive of George," it would now appear that support for Hank could be eroding.

"I can't speak for any of the others," one partner said, "but from talking to them, I'd say a lot of them who would have voted 'yes' are now wavering."