MONTEREY, CALIF., AUG. 3 -- Reduction in costs could well be the main focus of reform during the 1991 NCAA convention, according to NCAA President Al Witte.

Speaking today at a news conference after three days of NCAA Council closed-door meetings here, he said the council will sponsor proposals that, based on reports from the Special Committee on Cost Reduction, could save money.

The council strongly favors restricting recruiting, limiting the numbers of coaches in all sports, reducing the number of games and practice time for various sports and lowering the number of grants-in-aid.

In the area of recruiting, Witte said the reform would include specifics such as telephone calls, official visits in football and basketball and a resolution for a three-month recruiting calendar for all sports.

The council also decided to sponsor many of the proposals from the Committee to Review Membership Structure.

That committee's report wanted to increase voting autonomy in the conventions, devise a more stringent Division I membership criteria (including a three-year phase-in for affected schools) and decrease the opportunity for multi-divisional classification.

Witte said he also expects a number of items to be reviewed from the Conference of Conferences legislation.

Among the areas of interest are exit interviews with student athletes, a certification requirement of coaches to recruit off campus and limits on off-campus contacts.

The 1991 NCAA convention also could include discussion on the possible reduction of training tables for athletes and the phasing out of athletic dormitories.