CARLISLE, PA., AUG. 3 -- Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs said his strategy for Saturday's scrimmage at Buffalo is simple: "On offense, we want to go up and down the field, and on defense, we want to stop them cold."

Saturday's scrimmage will be a chance to correct the "glaring errors" Gibbs said he saw in Wednesday's scrimmage against the Steelers here. But he said his big concern on the eve of the Redskins' fourth scrimmage is injuries. "They're mounting," he said.

Cornerback has been hit especially hard -- fourth-year player Brian Davis will be out "a week or so," according to Redskins trainer Bubba Tyer, with a pulled quadricep muscle. Martin Mayhew, a starter toward the end of last season, is hampered by strained hip flexors but probably will play, according to Tyer.

Also out: wide receiver Art Monk, who pulled a hamstring in Wednesday's scrimmage and didn't practice today, defensive end Fred Stokes (shoulder), tight end Ken Whisenhunt (knee), and guard Mark Schlereth (throat virus).

Several players will play with less serious injuries. Wide receiver Ricky Sanders (hamstring) and tight end Ron Middleton (shoulder) are probable. Quarterback Cary Conklin (knee) is questionable; he was hit by Charles Mann in a drill Wednesday.

Division of Labor

Saturday's scrimmage will have the same format as the one against Pittsburgh -- 50 snaps for each team. But Gibbs said he might distribute the snaps a little differently.

Against Pittsburgh, starter Mark Rypien and second-stringer Stan Humphries each got 10 snaps, and the rest were divided among Rutledge and Conklin. But Saturday night the amount of work Rutledge and Conklin, if he plays, get "depends on the way I feel about the first two guys," said Gibbs. "Mark and Stan might get a few more snaps this time." . . .

Running back Gerald Riggs, a holdout until Thursday, said his second day of practice was considerably better than his first.

"Yesterday I was really, really sluggish," said Riggs, who said he is 16 pounds lighter than he was this time last year. "My legs just did not want to move. They felt like cinder blocks. I was falling all over the place. But having strong legs helps me.

"Today was better. With all these guys who came in {to Carlisle} ahead of me, I have to be a little patient and not rush things like I did last year. Last year I tried to rush things, and I was out of shape to begin with."

Remember Me?

Gibbs got a surprise after today's practice when a man in a hot pink golf shirt approached him and said, "Hi. My name is Charles Smith, and I'm your second cousin."

Gibbs hadn't seen Smith, who was in town for a golf tournament, in 15 years but remembered him when Smith introduced himself.

"My granddaddy was Joe's mother's brother," said Smith, who lives in South Florence, S.C.