The rules of international and U.S. college basketball came a few steps closer together when the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), the sport's international governing body, adopted some rules changes.

The biggest changes call for an official to handle the ball before it is inbounded on a sideline violation, and eliminates the option on shooting free throws.

"Other than the shot clock, which I don't think we'll change, the games are getting very close," said University of Kentucky Athletics Director C.M. Newton, a vice president of USA Basketball and the group's representative at the congress in Buenos Aires.

The rules, which govern both men and women, take effect Sept. 1.

The present international rule on sideline violations allows players to inbound the ball themselves. The free throw option is a rule that some NCAA conferences will experiment with this season. It allows a team to retain possession on a foul rather than take the foul shot. All free throws will now be taken in international basketball. . . .

At the AAU Junior National 14-and-under tournament in New Orleans, the D.C. Express defeated the Wisconsin Stars, 88-61, at Xavier College. Marcus Washington led the Express with 18 points and seven rebounds. Teammates Changa King and Andre Smith scored 14 each.