George Steinbrenner wants some aspects of Commissioner Fay Vincent's sanctions revised, says Newsday of New York. Steinbrenner is said to contend the written agreement on his ouster by Aug. 20 does not match what he agreed to with Vincent July 30.

Vincent responds that "it seems to me they are looking for a major renegotiation. I will not do that. George thought he was willing to step down to a limited partner only if his son would {automatically} replace him. That is not the case."

Meanwhile, Newsday reported an FBI spokesman as saying bureau officials in Washington will decide whether a full-blown internal investigation will be made of Steinbrenner's ties to the FBI in Tampa. Allegedly, invitations to agents to watch NFL games from the "Steinbrenner Box" at Tampa Stadium may have paved the way for charges against Howard Spira, Steinbrenner's nemesis.


Now both 1989 Cy Young Award pitchers are out with elbow trouble. Mark Davis, NL winner as a San Diego reliever but an aching dud in '90 as a Kansas City teammate of AL awardee Bret Saberhagen, is found to have tendinitis. He'll be rested two weeks.


Angels activated OF Chili Davis; returned RHP Joe Grahe to AAA. . . . Pirates recalled RHP Randy Kramer, to start tonight; put RHP Bob Walk (groin strain) on 21-day DL.