Promoter Butch Lewis said yesterday he would meet with International Boxing Federation welterweight titleholder Simon Brown later this week to discuss the possibility of becoming his manager.

Brown, the Germantown resident who announced Monday he is terminating his involvement with financial backer Allen Baboian and promoter Don Elbaum, would become the second welterweight champion managed by Lewis. Germantown's Maurice Blocker, who captured the World Boxing Council title Sunday in Nevada with a majority decision over Marlon Starling, is the other.

"I could be good for his career," Lewis said in a phone interview from New York. "He was out in Reno with us for the Blocker fight. Simon is certainly a boxer who deserves someone who cares about Simon the person. He saw how I handled Mo Blocker. Of course, he deserves the marquee name and the money, and that's what I'm good at."

Yesterday Brown said he is "no longer associated with Allen Baboian. Simon wants to find a promoter who will {make him better known}. Simon wants to make the money that Simon deserves."

Brown (32-1, 24 knockouts) has been the champion for 2 1/2 years, making seven title defenses. He has been ducked by many boxers because of his swarming, hard-punching style.

Brown said that his only contractual link was with Baboian. "There's no paperwork between me and Don Elbaum."

Elbaum disagreed, saying, "He's acknow-ledged that I'm his promoter and there is paperwork that says I'm his promoter."

Brown emphasized that he definitely would split with Baboian and Elbaum, but admitted that Baboian does have him under contract.

"I hope we can settle this," Brown said. "I hope it doesn't go to court. But I will pay him his 20 percent, still, not to continue fighting for him. As long as I would make the money, I would pay him."

James Cooks, one of Brown's advisers, said Brown disassociated himself from Baboian because of "material breaches in his contract. They were matters of such a serious nature as to warrant his not being in a contract with Baboian at all."

Cooks declined to elaborate further, in the event of a court case.

He added that Brown is looking at "a whole range of opportunities," including promoters Don King, Bob Arum and Steve Wynn, but confirmed that Brown had spoken in depth with Lewis.

"According to what I was told, Butch is real interested," Cooks said. "Simon has no intentions of being disloyal, but it just came down to the point where he said he couldn't take it anymore."

Brown said he was disappointed that he did not have the opportunity to fight Starling. Even though he is a good friend of Blocker, Brown said he would like to fight him. "It would be a great fight. I want $2 million for stepping in with Maurice," he said.

Elbaum said he was working on closing two fights for Brown for the end of the year, one against Roger Mayweather Oct. 25 in Las Vegas on the undercard of the Buster Douglas-Evander Holyfield heavyweight title bout, the other to be announced.

Elbaum added that he is "surprised and disappointed" that Brown felt this way and hoped things could be "patched up." He reiterated that Brown had a "valid contract" with Baboian and that "we would enforce it."

"I've always thought I was {Brown's} closest friend as well as partner," Elbaum said. "He said to me, 'Don, you'll be with me until the end.' I can't believe Simon would be so ill-advised. It would be the biggest mistake of his career. But if Butch Lewis is interfering, of course he'll see us in court."