Promoter Don Elbaum said yesterday he will continue to schedule fights for International Boxing Federation welterweight champion Simon Brown despite Brown's announcement Monday he intends to find a new promoter and manager.

Elbaum, at a news conference promoting Monday's five-fight card at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza in Rockville, said Brown's contract through 1992 with him and manager Allen Baboian is "ironclad" and that he intends to go to court to prove it.

"Simon Brown will have several fights this year," said Elbaum, who hinted he may try to schedule Brown for a fight with Roger Mayweather on the undercard of the Oct. 25 Buster Douglas-Evander Holyfield heavyweight title bout in Las Vegas. "He's going to fight for us the next two years."

"Simon is going to go on and fight in September and October," Brown said. "But it will not be for Don Elbaum."

Brown, who lives in Germantown, said his decision to disassociate himself from Baboian and Elbaum was because of what he said was breach of contract in "many certain ways." One of Brown's charges was that Baboian frequently issued him bad checks.

"My money that I fight for, it takes four to five months for me to get," Brown said. "And the checks they give me almost always bounce."

Elbaum said any charges he and Baboian have mishandled Brown's career are without merit.

"My job is to make the right matches for him and protect him," he said. "And I've done a great job."

Despite holding a 32-1 record and a championship belt, Brown has not moved into the national spotlight. His good friend and Germantown neighbor, Maurice Blocker, did that Sunday when he won a majority decision to take the World Boxing Council welterweight belt from Marlon Starling.

Now it appears Brown may be headed down the same managerial road Blocker used two years ago -- the one that leads to the office of Butch Lewis.

Lewis, a flamboyant manager and promoter, has said he would be good for Brown's career much in the same way he was good for Blocker's. Elbaum was asked if he thought any one manager soon would have two top welterweight contenders, and he replied: "Not Butch Lewis."

Brown, who said he would probably hire a managerial team within three weeks, said he would fight Blocker, but not unless he was paid $2 million.

The controversy likely will be settled -- whether in or out of court -- in the next year. Whatever the outcome, Elbaum said he's uncertain whether Brown really means what he's said.

"I can't believe these things are coming from his mouth," Elbaum said. "I've taken him all the way up to champion."

"It's like he's saying I win because of him," Brown said. "If Simon didn't get up every morning and run and fight with God on his side, Simon would not win. . . . My advisers are not telling me what to say."