GRIFFEY SR. WAIVED: The Reds waived Ken Griffey Sr., clearing the way for him to team up with Ken Jr. on the Mariners.

The Reds' decision ended several days of dickering among Griffey's agent, both teams, the players union and the NL.

"We have an interest and we're looking into the possibility," said Woody Woodward, the Mariners' vice president for baseball operations. But he said he couldn't comment further because the elder Griffey remains Reds property.

One of the Griffeys' dreams is to play on the same team. They became the first father and son to play in the major leagues at the same time last season when the Mariners called up Ken Jr. when Ken Sr. was with the Reds.

Several other fathers and sons have played on the same teams in the minors. Jim Poole, a first baseman for the Philadelphia A's in 1925-27, managed two of his sons on a Florida State League team in the early 1940s, and outplayed them both. Among the others was pitcher Earl Caldwell, whose batterymate in the Southern Association in the late 1940s was a son. The elder Caldwell was in the majors off and on in 1928-48.

Griffey Sr., 40, voluntarily retired last Saturday to open a roster spot for the Reds, who needed a pitcher. But he didn't realize that by retiring he made himself ineligible to play for 60 days.

His agent got the Reds to ask waivers, making Griffey Sr. eligible to play for any team that claims him. If he goes unclaimed for three days, he can negotiate with any team. A club that claims him off waivers would have to pick up the rest of his salary for the season.

SURGERY: Oakland A's center fielder Dave Henderson needs arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. He will miss four to six weeks and possibly the rest of the regular season. He was hurt Tuesday trying to catch a fly on wet grass against the White Sox. He's hitting .272 with 19 homers and 59 RBI.

RIDDOCH RETURNS: San Diego Padres Manager Greg Riddoch, 45, who took the job after Jack McKeon returned to the front office last month, will return as field manager next season.

His team is 21-21 since he took over and is fourth in the NL West.

COUNTED OUT: Texas Rangers third baseman Steve Buechele must serve a three-day suspension for his part in a melee Aug. 17 with the Chicago White Sox at Arlington Stadium, the club learned. He charged the mound, prompting both benches to clear, after the White Sox' Greg Hibbard hit him with a pitch. Buechele was ejected.

NO CRITICISM: The head of the umpires union has formally complained to NL President Bill White about the Phillies' criticism of umpire Joe West. Union chief Richie Phillips said he asked White to discipline Phillies Manager Nick Leyva and General Manager Lee Thomas for their "savage attack" on West after a 3-2 loss to the Dodgers Wednesday.

"It is outrageous that the Phillies use the umpires as a scapegoat," Phillips told The Philadelphia Inquirer. "It is absolutely ludicrous that Joe West, or any other umpire, in any way or fashion has a vendetta for the Phillies."

West, working first base, ejected Von Hayes after Hayes criticized home plate umpire Harry Wendelstedt. Hayes said he was merely talking to his first-base coach. West said Hayes "cursed" Wendelstedt and deserved ejection whether Wendelstedt heard him or not.