MEXICO CITY, AUG. 27 -- World Boxing Council champion Sugar Ray Leonard renounced his super-middleweight title today but left open whether he would continue his spectacular boxing career, the WBC said in a statement.

In a telephone call to WBC President Jose Sulaiman in Mexico City, Leonard said he had no plans to defend his title and offered his resignation on grounds that he was far below fight weight. Sulaiman accepted his decision, the statement said.

"Jose Sulaiman wants to declare public homage to one of the greatest world champions of all times . . . the pride of the WBC," the statement said.

Leonard, along with Mike Tyson, was elected as boxers of the 1980s by the WBC.

"With this distinction, he sits not only amongst the best of his time, but {the best of} 200 years of organized boxing," Sulaiman said.

Leonard, who has announced his retirement from boxing three times only to return, is undecided whether to retire again.

"It's in the balance. He's worried that if he retires again and then returns to fight, people will criticize him," said WBC spokesman Eduardo Lamazon.

Lamazon said Leonard promised to inform Sulaiman if he was quitting for good.

Leonard's professional career has spanned 13 years, and he won his first world title fight against then WBC champion Wilfredo Benitez in Las Vegas on Nov. 30, 1979.

He went on to win three world title fights in the 1980s, and has a record of 37 victories, one draw, and one defeat.

The WBC said it would confer with executive committee members to decide how the vacancy will be filled.