BALTIMORE, AUG. 28 -- A year ago Frank Robinson debated long and hard before deciding to return for his third season as manager of the Baltimore Orioles. There will be no such soul-searching this time, Robinson promised today.

"I've signed on here for as long as the club wants me -- until the job is done," Robinson said. "By that, I mean until the organization is on good, solid ground, so that every year when we go to spring training the Baltimore Orioles figure to be a good, strong contender for three to five years in the future.

"Of course, that's not always my decision. But as far as I'm concerned, I'll be back next year."

Considering the progress made by so many talented young players, it would take a George Steinbrenner to give Robinson the hook. If the Orioles have a problem at the moment, it is a falldown in morale caused by the decision to trade Phil Bradley rather than meet his monetary demands.

However, Robinson can hardly be blamed for the feeling among some players that management is cheap. Hoiles Takes Parting Shots

Robinson declined to answer the parting shots of catcher Chris Hoiles, who was returned to Class AAA Rochester Monday night to make room on the roster for Jose Mesa, tonight's starting pitcher.

"I have no idea what's going on," Hoiles said. "I don't know what else I have to do to stay here. I've done everything I could possibly do to show I can play here. They said I'd be back, but you never know for sure."

Said Robinson: "I'm not saying anything. If Chris Hoiles wants to talk to me, I'll be happy to explain it to him, but I thought we'd done that last night."

Hoiles, a .370 hitter at Rochester, was batting .122 in 18 games with the Orioles. Promotions Put on Hold

Robinson said there would be no further callups from the farm system until the International League playoffs conclude. The Rochester club could be in action as late as Sept. 19.

"We've got everybody up here anyway," Robinson said. "But there will probably be some more when the playoffs are finished."

Major league rosters can be expanded to 40 players Sept. 1. . . .

Although pitcher Ben McDonald has lost three straight starts after winning his first five, Robinson expressed no disappointment with the 6-foot-7 rookie.

"If somebody had suggested before he came up that McDonald would go 5-3, we'd be very happy," Robinson said. "It's a matter of experience and the fact that sometimes our expectations get too high." . . .

The Orioles' rotation for the current series consisted of three rookies -- McDonald, Mesa and Anthony Telford -- plus Pete Harnisch, who is in his first full major league season. . . . Mesa is the 42nd player and 18th pitcher to wear a Baltimore uniform this season. He is the 17th player to play for both the Orioles and Rochester.