PHILADELPHIA, AUG. 29 -- National League President Bill White today disputed Joe West's interpretation of what White said about breaking up player fights and the umpire's handling of an ejection.

West had said Tuesday that White, who met with the umpire earlier in the day in Philadelphia amid feuding between West and the Philadelphia Phillies, told him umpires "are not to become involved in any more fights."

White issued a statement in New York saying that only West was told not to intervene, not other umpires.

The Phillies had criticized West for throwing Von Hayes out of a game in Los Angeles last week over a remark Hayes made about another umpire.

In his statement, White criticized West for ejecting Hayes, saying: "I also told Joe that I did not agree with his handling of the Von Hayes situation."

But West, who worked Tuesday night's game at Veterans Stadium, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that White had told him he handled the Hayes situation appropriately. West claims Hayes made a comment to umpire Harry Wendelstedt, though Hayes claims he was talking about the umpire to first-base coach John Vukovich.

Crew chief Wendelstedt, however, said the umpires' union, "has indicated our displeasure with Bill White's unprecedented lack of support."

West had worked Phillies games against the Dodgers and New York Mets when fights broke out. In the Mets game, he lifted Phillies pitcher Dennis Cook during the brawl and threw him to the ground.