BALTIMORE, AUG. 30 -- It is getting to the point where one can only laugh at the misfortunes of the Baltimore Orioles, who today lost first baseman David Segui indefinitely with a possible cracked right kneecap.

Segui was injured running into the metal portion of the right field tarp while chasing a foul ball during Wednesday's 3-2 loss to the Yankees. "It hurt all night long," he said before having X-rays taken prior to tonight's game with New York.

Since July 30 Baltimore has had five players go on the disabled list.

Preliminary X-rays showed the fracture, Orioles Manager Frank Robinson said. Segui, who came from the examination wearing a hip-to-ankle splint, will have a bone scan done in a couple of days. He won't accompany the Orioles to Milwaukee for their three-game series this weekend.

"They feel like {the X-ray} is inconclusive," Robinson said, "so they're going to do the bone scan in a day or two. That will give us more information."

With rosters expanding Saturday, Baltimore can afford to take its time with Segui, which is why they didn't bother putting him on the disabled list.

"We don't have to do anything {after Saturday}," Robinson said. Friday is "the one day that you can put him on the disabled list, so I don't think it's important enough to rush somebody up." Mickey Tettleton started at first base tonight. Johnson Tries Again

Pitcher Dave Johnson will throw from a mound Friday in Milwaukee for the first time since going on the disabled list with a back injury. Johnson threw Wednesday for 20 minutes without any pain, pitching coach Al Jackson said.

"We've thrown on a flat surface two or three times," Jackson said, "and each time, he's had less and less pain. If he's pain free {Friday}, we can increase it, and maybe accelerate and see how fast he can come back. I think it tells us he's getting better. How much pressure we can put on it, I don't know." Finally, Some Good News

A bit of good news: Right-hander Bob Milacki will almost certainly be activated from the disabled list within the next few days. He thinks he'll join the logjam in the Baltimore bullpen for the time being.

"I don't think they'll send me out there until they know I can go at least five" innings, he said. "The way I've been feeling, I think I can go five, but it all depends on how many pitches. If I'm struggling in the strike zone, chances are I won't go five." . . .

No change in stopper Gregg Olsen's status; he's still out for a week to 10 days with a sore right elbow. He had been pitching with soreness for a couple of weeks, he said, but it was in a different area of the elbow than what is currently bothering him.

"When you're four games back, you want to ignore as many things as you can," he said. "I didn't think the time was right to sit back {and rest the arm} when you're four out and you're trying to get back in the race."