LOS ANGELES, SEPT. 2 -- Jay Schroeder was relaxed, happy and talkative after leading the Los Angeles Raiders to a 34-7 victory over the San Diego Chargers Saturday at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Except when mention was made of the new book by former teammate Doug Williams.

Starting at quarterback, Schroeder had just had his best day of the preseason, passing for 161 yards and two touchdowns before turning things over to Vince Evans as the Raiders finished the preseason schedule 4-1. Long after most players and reporters had left the locker room, Schroeder talked about his ups and downs since being traded from the Redskins; his excitement to be part of the resurgence of the Raiders; his days in Washington. "I have fond memories of Washington, and contrary to popular belief, I still have a lot of friends back there," he said.

But when asked about Williams's book, which makes stinging references to him concerning the period the two were vying to be the No. 1 quarterback in Washington, Schroeder terminated the conversation.

"I had nothing to do with that and I have absolutely nothing to say about it," he said. He grabbed his two children, whom he had brought into the locker room, and left.