UNHAPPY: Willie Wilson, squabbling with Manager John Wathan, wants the Royals to release him. . . . Jack Clark is angry too and says he won't renegotiate with the Padres.

SEPTEMBER CALL-UPS: Red Sox -- 1B Billy Jo Robidoux, OF Jeff Stone and 3B Scott Cooper from Pawtucket; White Sox -- P Shawn Hillegas, P Steve Rosenberg, OF Rodney McCray, C Jerry Willard and DH Matt Stark from Vancouver. Tigers -- P Scott Aldred and OF Milt Cuyler. Twins -- OF Pedro Munoz, P Jack Savage and SS Scott Leius from Portland. Mariners -- Ps Scott Medvin, Vance Lovelace, Dave Burba, Jose Melendez and Rich DeLucie, and IFs Dave Cochrane and Mike Brumley from Calgary, and P Mike Gardiner from Williamsport. Rangers -- C Chad Kreuter, P Gerald Alexander and 3B Scott Coolbaugh from Oklahoma City and C Bill Haselman and OF Kevin Belcher from Tulsa. Blue Jays -- C Carlos Diaz and P Willie Blair from Syracuse and 3B Tom Quinlan from Knoxville. Braves -- P Marvin Freeman, Cs Jimmy Kremers and Kelly Mann and 1B Mike Bell from Richmond. Reds -- P Tim Birtsas from Nashville and P Rosario Rodriguez from Chattanooga. Astros -- P Brian Meyer from Tucson and P Al Osuna, SS Andujar Cedeno and IF Luis Ramirez from Columbus of SL. Dodgers -- P Darren Holmes, IF Jose Vizcaino and C Darrin Fletcher from Albuquerque. Phillies -- OF Louie Meadows, 1B Ricky Jordan, Ps Chuck McElroy and Chuck Malone from Scranton -- Wilkes-Barre. Cardinals -- IF Geronimo Pena, C Ray Stephens, OF Bernard Gilkey, 1B Rod Brewer and Ps Stan Clarke and Mike Perez from Louisville.