The head of the NBA Players' Association yesterday clarified his role in the Washington Bullets' dispute with forward John Williams.

Charles Grantham, the president of NBAPA, said he has only brought the parties together. Bullets General Manager John Nash said Tuesday that he thought Grantham was in accord with the Bullets' view in suspending pay to the injured forward for not rehabilitating his injured right knee in Los Angeles.

"That's not the case," said Grantham, who said his role was to bring together Williams, Nash, agent Fred Slaughter and Coach Wes Unseld to help settle the issue.

That August meeting was the last communication either Grantham or the Bullets had with Williams. Slaughter yesterday said he'd have something to say to reporters "about a week from now."

Williams, who has missed at least four pay checks since mid-July, has yet to file a grievance with the NBAPA, Grantham said.

Grantham said he didn't want to speculate about the chances of settlement short of arbitration. "The major thing is keeping the dialogue between the two parties," he said.

Meanwhile, at a news conference to announce the signing of second-round pick Greg Foster to a one-year contract, Nash shed more light on the Bullets' decision, saying that in addition to missed rehabilitation sessions this summer at the Kerlan-Jobe clinic, Williams missed sessions during the regular season.

According to Nash, when the Bullets agreed to let him rehabilitate the knee in Los Angeles, Williams was to follow "an irregular schedule" of treatments five days a week. Williams missed one session a week after Nash's June 18 hiring and two the next week.

"I probably wasn't quite as alarmed as the others here," Nash said, "because of the history and because of the efforts that had been made to accommodate John. But the longer that I'm involved, the more I get frustrated."

At the August meeting the parties established guidelines -- including Williams's return to the five-day program at Kerlan-Jobe -- under which Williams could regain the money he had lost.

Said Nash: "By the end of the following week, we became aware that he hadn't shown up once. And hasn't shown up since. He's never been there.

"It's a very frustrating scenario, and hopefully John's going to come in and pass his physical, and his knee's going to be fine. . . . But that's a little bit pie in the sky."