Mark Rypien's $300,000 base salary ranks him 26th among the NFL's 28 starting quarterbacks, according to a salary survey completed this week after Green Bay's Don Majkowski ended his holdout and signed a $1.5 million contract for 1990.

Only San Diego's Mark Vlasic ($290,000) and Detroit's Rodney Peete ($115,000) have lower salaries than Rypien.

However, Rypien, whose salary includes $25,000 for making the team, has a contract loaded with reachable incentives and could earn an additional $300,000 if he has another good season.

Those incentives could push him to about 21st on the list, possibly ahead of Atlanta's Chris Miller ($550,000), but far behind the top three -- Joe Montana ($2.55 million), Jim Everett ($2.4 million) and Jim Kelly ($1.5 million).

In all, 22 quarterbacks, including backups Tony Eason, Steve Young, Andre Ware and Steve Walsh, will make at least $1 million.

Rypien and the Redskins long have agreed he's underpaid. But while arguing over how much he should make, negotiations have fallen apart. The Redskins' final offer was a three-year, $2.4 million deal with an additional $600,000 in reachable incentives. Rypien wanted a straight two-year, $3 million contract.

Rypien said two weeks ago he would play out his option and test the open market by becoming a restricted free agent next winter. The Redskins have the right to match any offer and certainly would do so.

Rutledge Is Upbeat

Quarterback Jeff Rutledge, who was placed on injured reserve for at least four weeks, said the time will give him a chance to rehabilitate a right shoulder that was injured during a scrimmage against Buffalo five weeks ago.

Rutledge said he had no choice in the matter and wouldn't have asked for the move, but when it happened, he said: "I tried to put it in a positive light. I can now work with the weights and take therapy and get it right. I never had that chance during training camp because I had to get out there and play to show what I could do.

"It hasn't been right since the injury and if I quit throwing for two minutes, it tightens up. This will give me a chance to get it back to the way it was."

Rutledge was blind-sided by Buffalo's Marvcus Patton in what was supposed to be a noncontact scrimmage. Doctors found he had a slight separation. He returned to practice two weeks later, but said the shoulder has never felt normal.

Manusky Is Bruised

Middle linebacker Greg Manusky missed part of yesterday's practice with a sore back. It's not believed to be serious and Coach Joe Gibbs said he's expected to play Sunday. . . . The Redskins have won 15 of the last 17 games and 24 of 28 against the Cardinals. They have beaten Phoenix 11 straight times at RFK. The last loss to the Cardinals was in 1978, before Joe Gibbs and new Phoenix coach Joe Bugel came to Washington.