The first NFL weekend was history, but Jerry Glanville and Jack Pardee, rival coaches in the strangest of opening games Sunday in Atlanta, were still going at it yesterday afternoon.

Glanville, coach of the Atlanta Falcons, called Pardee, coach of the Houston Oilers, a "total jerk" after the Falcons' 47-27 victory. Yesterday, Pardee responded: "He certainly knows what a jerk is."

This little exchange had absolutely nothing to do with the game between their teams. After the game, Glanville held the game ball high in the air and said he was sending it to Southern Methodist University Coach Forrest Gregg, whose Mustangs were beaten, 95-21, by Pardee's Houston Cougars last season.

"SMU last year, they played a total jerk that tried to score 100 points on an all-freshman team," Glanville said. "The first time {the Falcons} met, I promised our team we'd win the game and I'd give the game ball to SMU."

"Some people's egos can't be fed enough," Pardee responded. "Evidently he doesn't know Forrest Gregg. Forrest doesn't need anybody to fight his battles. Everything that comes around, goes around. He'll get his some time."

The Falcons clearly have taken to Glanville's in-your-face coaching style. Their defense scored three touchdowns, two off controversial fumble recoveries. But the Oilers, who were coached by Glanville last year, weren't surprised by the post-game theatrics.

"It's uncalled for but he knows anything he says {the media} will pump up in the paper," said Oilers running back Mike Rozier. "Other than that he's a grown man, he can do what he wants to do . . . He knows {the Falcons} last year won three ball games. He knew he had to jack his guys up."

Glanville's inaugural performance was the talk of the league, but there were more important occurrences on the field, chief among them the play of former Whitman High School and Duke University quarterback Anthony Dilweg of the Green Bay Packers. Playing while 45-day holdout Don Majkowski stood on the sideline, Dilweg threw three touchdown passes while completing 20 of 32 passes for 248 yards without an interception and led the Packers to a 36-24 victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

Packers Coach Lindy Infante wouldn't say who would be his starting quarterback Sunday when the Packers play the Chicago Bears.

"The door is certainly open," he said. "We'll wait and see as the week progresses. I'm not going to make the decision until I'm forced to at the end of the week."

Infante said he welcomed the quarterback controversy.

"I went into this game hoping we'd have a raging quarterback controversy when it was over because that would have meant Anthony went in and played good and we won the game. We came out of this exactly where I wanted to come out."

The same goes for the Dallas Cowboys, who hadn't won a game outside RFK Stadium since 1988 until they defeated the San Diego Chargers at home, 17-14.

The Chargers were leading, 14-10, with five minutes remaining when they faked a punt on fourth and six at Dallas's 48. Gary Plummer, a linebacker taking the short snap, was stopped by Bill Bates and Daniel Stubbs after a two-yard gain.

"I made a mistake," Chargers Coach Dan Henning said.

Pittsburgh Coach Chuck Noll has an even worse problem: Quarterback Bubby Brister said he is "about to come unglued" because of new offensive coordinator Joe Walton's short-pass-oriented system. The Steelers gained only 46 yards on the ground and 210 total in a 13-3 loss to Cleveland.

Brister wondered why reserve Warren Williams, not starter Tim Worley, ran a sweep on a second-and-goal play from the Browns 1-yard line.

"It's wild, ain't it?" Brister said. "We came so far and now we're so far back. There's no reason why we shouldn't get the ball to Louis Lipps and Derek Hill and Mike Mularkey and Worley and Merril Hoge all the time. They're our five best players."

Said Noll about Brister's complaints: "It's a concern, no question about it. If he's unglued, he's not going to make it happen. Talking won't get it done. He's in trouble with himself."

While Glanville won and Pardee lost, three other new coaches lost their first games. New England's Rod Rust lost to Miami, 27-24; the New York Jets' Bruce Coslet lost to Cincinnati, 25-20; and Phoenix's Joe Bugel lost to the Washington Redskins, 31-0.