Four local high school soccer teams got a dose of glasnost last week when Lativa, a club team from the Soviet Union, participated in Soccerama, a tournament organized by Georgetown Prep Coach Guy Fraiture at Woodward High School in Bethesda.

Lativa, a team assembled from the four best club teams from the Soviet republic of Latvia, arrived Sept. 1 to scrimmage against Whitman, Kennedy and Theodore Roosevelt and in games against Georgetown Prep. The team returns to the Soviet Union today.

Lativa plans to host the Little Hoyas in the same type of event next year.

Lativa clearly was the class of the field. But, according to Whitman Coach Sam DeBone, whose team lost, 2-0, U.S. soccer isn't far behind.

"If I had my club team or any good club team we would have played them {well}," DeBone said. "To put {Lativa} into this {class} isn't really fair for the American teams because we're really not dealing with that range of experience or that amount of training."

But soccer wasn't the only purpose of the trip.

"I knew that I was coming to a wonderful country," said forward Alexei Semyonov.

Only a few of the Lativa players spoke English, but during their one-week visit they seemed to have mastered enough of the language to express thanks. "What we enjoyed the most was the hospitality," fullback Vitaly Dolgopolov said.

Georgetown Prep forward A.J. Wood, a 1989 all-American, pointed out one dissimilarity between the teams.

"It's interesting because {we} have different cultures," he said. "They don't have much money. . . . I gave a {Lativa player} an old Depeche Mode tape and he loved it. I let him use my Walkman at my house and he sat on the hill the whole time and listened to it."