LAKE PLACID, N.Y., SEPT. 13 -- The Washington Capitals' corporate corps visited training camp today, and owner Abe Pollin restated his demand that holdout defenseman Kevin Hatcher report before any further renegotiation of his contract takes place.

"Dick {Patrick} and I both feel the agent is giving Kevin bad advice," said Pollin, who flew here from Dulles International Airport, accompanied by team president Patrick and Capital Centre President Jerry Sachs. "We've said we want to sit and talk about the contract in good faith. But we've instructed Mr. {David} Poile that he is not permitted to talk until Kevin shows up."

Hatcher's agent is Ron Salcer, who thinks the Capitals are not negotiating in good faith.

"If you agree to renegotiate, then negotiate," Salcer said. "It's not telling us to take it or leave it. To me, when you renegotiate, both sides are trying to come to an amicable agreement."

Hatcher, 24, had his best season a year ago, but has two years plus an option left on his contract. The Capitals point out that his contract has been renegotiated twice already.

"But," Hatcher said today from his parents' home in suburban Detroit, "the circumstances were that they said if I kept improving that they would renegotiate after a couple years. That was two years ago. That's why I signed, because of those circumstances."

Salcer -- sensing that some think he is Hatcher's problem -- set up a conference call among himself, Hatcher and Bob Goodenow, the soon-to-be chief of the players' union. "It was good to hear it from somebody else," Hatcher said.

Goodenow "thinks what we're doing is right. We're prepared to take however long it takes."

Goalie Don Beaupre is closer to signing, if only because the sides are still talking. But they are not getting very far. The distance apart is in the neighborhood of $200,000.

"We're doing a lot of talking, but we have extremely different perspectives," agent Ron Simon said. Simon and Beaupre want some sort of contract that would pay Beaupre reasonably close to what Mike Liut makes if Beaupre plays more games.