BALTIMORE, SEPT. 14 -- Horse racing lives through expectation, a tenet Bernie Bond, 73, never has embraced. So the crusty trainer mumbled a few epithets today as Gala Goldilocks was being bet heavily before the eighth race at Pimlico. So much public enthusiasm gave him no sense of security.

"I've been training horses fifty-some years, and I've never been comfortable in this damn position," he said. "It's a no-win thing. If you win, you're supposed to; it's no big deal. If you lose, they want to run you out on a rail."

The money poured in on Gala Goldilocks. By post time, she'd enticed almost $15,000 in win bets alone; her five opponents together had drawn about $9,500. She was 3-10 when the gates thrust open.

Shenandoah Grey clung to the favorite through the backstretch and around the turn, but the homestretch brought an end to her impudence. Gala Goldilocks escaped easily, Gregg McCarron nudging her only briefly a furlong from the wire.

She won by 8 1/2 lengths and cost Pimlico $1,106; because the track must return 5 cents on the dollar, it was left with a deficit from the heavy volume of show wagers.

"I love riding" big favorites, said McCarron. "I wish I could ride nine a day. Five of them are going to win; the other four are going to get beat, and nine out of 10 times it won't be the rider's fault. But if you win five a day, nobody is going to remember the four you didn't win on."

Bond, however, was scarcely relieved of the burden even after victory. "I hope Gregg finds all the {1-to-5s} he can," he said. "Just as long as they're not mine." Jacamar Romps

Jacamar has spent her 17-race career near the basement of Maryland's claiming, but she moved up in a big way today. The 3-year-old filly took the lead in the first race and gradually became a blur to her challengers. When Danny Wright put her past the wire -- with none too aggressive a stretch drive -- Jacamar was 17 lengths ahead of second-place Sez Mindy.

The victory margin was one of the largest in Maryland this year, but not a novel accomplishment for Jacamar. Seven weeks ago, she won another distance race at Delaware Park by 17 1/2 lengths. Today's win price was $8.

Trainer Deborah Blankenship apparently took a chance by running Jacamar in a $6,500 claimer, and got away with it. Not a horse was claimed out of the race.