Hoping to gain momentum, Springbrook Coach Bob Milloy often sends nine or 10 players after the opposing punter. In Springbrook's alignment, the outside players try to put pressure by rushing wide. Both tackles try to block their men toward the outside to give either Tim Bannister, who lines up over the center, or Diron Jarvis, who lines up behind Bannister, a clear lane to the punter. On Magruder's second punt attempt, Bannister got his lane, dashed through and blocked Andy Ryder's punt at the Colonels 40-yard line. Springbrook's Tyrone Frazier plucked the ball out of the air and raced 31 yards for a touchdown. The play gave the Blue Devils a 14-0 lead and started a 48-7 rout.

"Tim isn't very big {6 feet, 180 pounds} but is very quick and has a knack for blocking punts," Milloy said. "The center has to worry about getting off a good snap, he can't worry about who to block. We try to give him a lane and with his acceleration, he has a good chance to block the punt."


McKinley led Ballou by 7-6 early in the final period when quarterback Brian Cobbs and his longtime friend, receiver Dalante Hellams, went back to their bread-and-butter play.

Hellams faked toward the sideline, then turned inside and streaked across the middle. Cobbs had the ball right there and Hellams grabbed it, shook off his defender and outran several other defenders for the 53-yard touchdown in a 13-12 win.

"Two people had been covering me all day. When I faked outside and came inside, there was nothing but daylight," Hellams said.