Georgetown Prep approached perfection yesterday in the boys' division of the 17th annual Judge Charles W. Woodward Relays at Walter Johnson High School.

The event, featuring 23 of the most competitive boys and girls cross-country teams in the area, required each team to field three teams of two runners. Each pair ran three laps around the one-mile course.

With one point for first, two for second and three for third, the lowest possible score is six points. Georgetown Prep had seven.

The Little Hoyas' tandem of Chris Neal and Bogi Yohannes took first place, followed closely by their second pair of Jama Bile and Sean Reinhart.

"We always come in expecting to win," said Yohannes, a senior. "It was a great race and we were very fortunate."

"This is our third year in a row {that we've run the Woodward Relays}," Georgetown Prep Coach Mike Horsey said. "It's sort of a pride thing for us."

Horsey thinks Georgetown Prep's strategy in making combinations has been a key in its success.

"We spread out our runners," he said. "We ran {our} one and six {runners}, two and five, and three and four in pairs."

The Little Hoyas' bid for a 1-2-3 finish was spoiled by Mike Rogers and Eric Andreoni of Paul VI, who finished third.

Second in the boys' division was Gonzaga, which finished with 34 points. The Eagles' top tandem of Tony Shields and Joel Harrington took fifth.

In the girls' division, Paul VI finished first with 14 points, followed by Churchill with 20 and Walter Johnson with 29.

Churchill's Tina Brown and Deb Cades were the leading pair with Paul VI's Melanie Gesker and Barbara Maloney a close second. Sara Tappan and Katrina Illari of Good Counsel placed third.

"We expected to do very well," Paul VI Coach Robert Bodmer said. "It takes a lot of guts to win an event like this. You can't be afraid to challenge yourself. You also have to be in top physical shape to run well in a race like this."

For Walter Johnson coach and race organizer Greg Dunston, whose boys' team finished fourth, there was more than just the satisfaction that his team had run well.

"Sometimes you kind of feel neglected because you're in the meet," Dunston said. "But everything went smoothly {and} I'm happy with the way both the boys' and girls' teams ran." WOODWARD RELAYS Boys

1, Chris Neal and Bogi Yohannes (Georgetown Prep), 31:27; 2, Jama Bile and Sean Reinhart (Georgetown Prep), 31:38; 3, Mike Rogers and Eric Andreoni (Paul VI), 32:17; 4, Tom and Mike McPherson (Georgetown Prep), 32:49; 5, Tony Shields and Joel Harrington (Gonzaga), 32:49.

6, Tom Eng and Balazs Kranyi (Walter Johnson), 33:13; 7, Pedro Silva and Amanuel Asfaha (Montgomery Blair), 33:14; 8, David McCombe and Brian Holohan (Good Counsel), 33:22; 9, Peter Bloomfield and Matt Ellis (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), 33:40; 10, Mark Disney and Mike Kennedy (Paul VI), 33:43. Team Scores

1, Georgetown Prep 7; 2, Gonzaga and Paul VI, 34 each; 4, Walter Johnson 47; 5, Richard Montgomery 52; 6, Good Counsel 56; 7, Churchill, 97; 8, Bethesda-Chevy Chase 102; 9, Montgomery Blair 104; 10, Springbrook 107. Girls

1, Tina Brown and Debbie Cades (Churchill), 25:39; 2, Melanie Gesker and Barbara Maloney (Paul VI), 26:05; 3, Sara Tappan and Katrina Illari (Good Counsel), 26:18; 4, Torrey Simons and Julia Sarino (Walter Johnson), 27:15.; 5, Chrissie James and Megan McGruder (Paul VI), 27:31.

6, Liz Field and Jill Cesari (Churchill), 27:45; 7, Julie Maloney and Krys Sylvester (Paul VI), 27:46; 8, Katherine Jamieson and Claire Torchia (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), 28:02; 9, Aimee Clark and Yu Chis Wu (Walter Johnson), 28:15; 10, Michele Petro and Mary Schroeder (Paul VI), 28:21. Team Scores

1, Paul VI 14; 2, Churchill 20; 3, Walter Johnson 29; 4, Good Counsel 32; 5, Springbrook 60; 6, Richard Montgomery 63; 7, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, 71.

NOTE: Only seven girls teams participated.