GUILTY: A jury in Port Crane, N.Y., found Detroit bar owner William Reedy guilty of driving with 0.10 percent or more blood-alcohol content, a misdemeanor, in the Christmas crash that killed Billy Martin.

Reedy, 53, was cleared of a lesser charge of driving while impaired. He was fined $350 and barred from driving in New York state for six months.

Reedy tried in vain to prove that Martin was the driver and he the passenger when the ex-manager's pickup truck wrecked in a culvert near the entrance to Martin's farm north of Binghamton.

Martin's widow, Jilluann, who has a suit pending against the town and Reedy, said: "We are gratified with the verdict. Now maybe Billy can rest in peace."

IN THE RED: The Pittsburgh Pirates cannot turn a profit this season because of RHP Walt Terrell's $3.6 million contract writeoff and the arbitrator's 1987-88 collusion ruling that figures to cost each major league team upward of $4.37 million, team president Carl Barger aid. The Pirates could make an extra $5 million by reaching the World Series, but Barger said even that would not put the ledger in the black.