Prosecutors in Howard County plan to take before a grand jury today allegations accusing former Georgetown University basketball star David Wingate of raping a 17-year-old girl in Columbia on Sunday, an official of the county state's attorney office said yesterday.

In another matter, the attorney for a woman, 21, who alleges Wingate and two other men sexually assaulted her in San Antonio on June 24 filed a civil suit against Wingate there. The suit seeks unspecified damages for physical injuries and mental anguish.

Marynell Maloney, the accuser's attorney, said a San Antonio police detective notified her Monday that the police, who did not take the case to the district attorney's office when the woman filed her complaint in June, would reopen investigation into that alleged rape. No charges have been filed in that case, Maloney said. San Antonio police declined to comment last night.

Steve Umin of the law firm Williams & Connolly, who is representing Wingate in both the civil suit and in the allegations in Maryland, also declined to comment. "In no case, and this is no exception, do I talk about cases that are pending," he said.

Wingate, 26, who now plays for the NBA's San Antonio Spurs, could not be reached for comment. In papers filed in Howard County court, police quoted Wingate as saying he had intercourse with the Baltimore teenager, but with her consent. He was brought to police headquarters for questioning Monday, charged with second-degree rape and released on $10,000 bond.

It was unclear last night how these allegations would affect Wingate's career.

Red McCombs, owner of the Spurs, said the team has placed negotiations for a new contract with Wingate on hold, until the Maryland case is resolved. Wayne Witt, the Spurs' spokesman, said he was unaware of the allegations against Wingate in San Antonio.

Wingate is a restricted free agent and apparently was close to signing a new contract with the Spurs. On Monday, McCombs said, "We were very close to an agreement by telephone {with agent-attorney David Falk of ProServ} last week. He said he would talk to Wingate {Wednesday}. So we were very comfortable about reaching an agreement. What does {the Maryland case} do for all that? It puts everything on hold."

A spokeswoman in the league office said, "We are looking into the Wingate case and we have no further comment at this time."

In the civil suit filed in Bexar County District Court, the woman alleges she had been at a dance bar where she was introduced to Wingate; that he bought alcoholic beverages for her and then offered her a ride home. She alleges she became ill and Wingate exited the car with her down the block from his house. As she was vomiting at the roadside, she claims, he proceeded to rape and sodomize her. Thereafter, according to the civil suit, Wingate left the woman in a room in his house and allowed at least two friends of his to rape her.

In the Maryland case, according to court papers, police said Wingate and two friends had invited the teenager and her sister to his apartment in Columbia. The teenager told police they listened to music, played cards and drank an "awful lot" of tequila and beer. The teenager and Wingate told police that the girl became intoxicated and soon ill. She said she went into an empty room to lie down and was helpless as, she charged, Wingate attacked her against her will.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported that an intruder broke into Wingate's house in San Antonio Tuesday and left a female voodoo doll pierced by needles. Police said they found a message scrawled in lipstick on a mirror in a bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom. Investigators did not say what the message was, but did say they believe it was written by a woman.

According to a police report, the doll had been left on a plate in "what appeared to be sugar or salt. The granulated substance was in the figure of a pentagram."

According to officers who investigate occult crimes, the intruder may have been trying to place a curse on someone.