Unbeaten Friendly led Parkdale, 7-0, in the fourth quarter Friday night, but the Panthers, aided by a penalty, had first and goal at the Friendly 6-yard line. Tailback Tim Harley gained three and two yards to bring up third and goal at the 1 with just more than three minutes to play. Parkdale then put 275-pound lineman Andre Harris in to run the ball.

According to Friendly Coach Dick Knode: "The largest guy we have is the guy we bring in on the gap-eight defense: 6-2, 215-pound Derrick Plater. We can't do anything special because we're so small.

"That big guy lined up as the stand-up back in the power-I formation and we knew he was getting the ball. The first time, he came right up the middle and we sort of clogged up things and he couldn't budge us."

Parkdale called time out and Knode told his defenders there was no sense in wasting three good efforts by letting the Panthers score now.

Harris got the ball again, hit the middle and was stopped inches short by Plater and Tom Berry.

Said Knode, "We don't want to use this defense too often."


DuVal trailed Bladensburg, 14-0, before two fourth-period scores forced overtime. Each team had four downs from the 10. Bladensburg had possession first, and on second down Jamal Francois's pass was intercepted by cornerback Dwight Thomas. DuVal then went on offense. On second down, Thomas ran a corner route, beat his defender and caught Derrick Arnold's pass for the victory.