Los Angeles Lakers star Magic Johnson surrendered part of his salary so the NBA team could acquire Terry Teagle from Golden State.

"Knowing we needed another first-rate player, Magic came to me several weeks ago and offered to give up part of his salary if we needed room under the salary cap to get a player we wanted," Lakers General Manager Jerry West said in a statement released yesterday.

West said the Lakers couldn't have made the trade without Johnson's help: "We didn't have enough money under the cap to pick up Terry's contract without Magic giving up a substantial amount of his own salary. You read so much these days about renegotiations and holdouts, it's important that fans know of Magic's unselfishness. In my mind, it is further proof that he is the ultimate team player."

The amount of money Johnson relinquished was not disclosed, but an informed source said it was "in six figures."

"It's about winning," Johnson said. "Of course money is great, but I play to win and that's why I did it." . . .

Police lacked a firm identification of a bank robber when they drew their guns on Boston Celtics rookie Dee Brown last week in Wellesley, Mass., according to transcripts of police tapes.

In releasing the tapes, police admitted they took their action based on a shaky description given by a bank manager. They said South Shore Bank manager Sharlene Harris had never seen the actual bank robbery suspect, despite earlier police statements to the contrary.

Lt. Donald Whalen, in charge of investigating the incident, said Brown was first spotted by a clerk at the bank who had seen the actual robbery suspect. The clerk then pointed out Brown to Harris, who phoned police, Whalen said.

Harris offered a tentative identification of the suspect when she called police after spotting Brown in his car last Friday.