DAVIS OUT: Outfielder Eric Davis's left shoulder is so badly bruised he doesn't know when he'll be able to play again.

He rammed a wall in foul territory while catching a ball Thursday night in the Cincinnati Reds' 4-2 victory over the Braves. He left the game an inning later.

"There isn't any real damage," he said. But it hurts so badly he can hardly move his arm.

COMISKEY FOR SALE: The Chicago White Sox want to sell off Comiskey Park memorabilia for charity before the demolition company gets it.

The company hired to demolish the stadium says it has contractual rights to the seats and bricks, but the team says no.

Irv Kolko, president of Speedway Wrecking, said his company's bid of $1.2 million to tear down the ballpark was based, in large part, on the memorabilia value of the wreckage.

Speedway's lawyer, Michael Roche, said the company wants to settle amicably but would go to court.

"The contract specifically gives us fixtures, which is even more inclusive than bricks and seats," said Roche, adding that only exceptions were the scoreboard and its computerized display system.

FUTURE IN DOUBT: Nick Esasky, 30, whom the Braves have listed "day-to-day" since April, doesn't know if he'll ever play again.

After hitting 30 homers with 108 RBI for the '89 Red Sox, he signed a $5.6 million deal with the Braves. He went on the DL May 1 with vertigo. He had six hits for six bases, struck out 14 times and had made five errors in nine games.

"It has been a time filled with worry, tears and tension," he said. "I wonder if I'll ever play again. But I'm not even going to think about that for a while. The only thing they've told me is that it is not life-threatening, and that it will go away. But no one knows when."

SURGERY: Paul Molitor of the Brewers had arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder and also had surgery on his right forearm.