BOSTON, SEPT. 28 -- The local chapter of the National Organization for Women has called on consumers to avoid buying goods made by Remington Products Inc., as a result of owner Victor Kiam's response to a locker room incident in which several of his New England Patriots players allegedly harassed Boston Herald reporter Lisa Olson.

Olson said tight end Zeke Mowatt stood close to her, exposed himself and made lewd remarks. She said several other players whom she could not identify made similar comments.

Mowatt, in a statement released today, said his "religious values and my character would never allow me to do or say anything as disrespectful as has been reported, to any human being. I am deeply troubled by what has been said about and attributed to me.

"The only comment I made to the reporter was: 'You are not writing; you are looking {at us}.' That is all I said and all that I personally am aware of. In hindsight, perhaps that was inappropriate. And I apologize for any embarrassment that comment caused her."

Earlier, NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue ordered Mowatt to report to the NFL office in New York by today. But the meeting was put off until a special counsel is named to investigate the incident.

Kiam said the team would cooperate fully with the independent counsel. But his remarks, five days after the incident, helped ignite the situation. Kiam was quoted in an interview with the Herald: "I can't disagree with the players' actions. Your paper's asking for trouble sending a female reporter to cover the team. Why not stand in front of her if she's an intruder."

After Sunday's 41-7 loss in Cincinnati, Kiam called Olson "a classic bitch," according to at least two reporters standing near him in the locker room. Kiam has insisted he only referred to Olson as "aggressive."

In a written statement, Ellen Convisser, president of NOW's Boston chapter, encouraged people not to buy products of Kiam's firm. His company makes Remington electric shavers and targets much of its business to women. "Mr. Kiam does not deserve to walk away from this incident by offering a tepid apology to Lisa Olson, after days of insulting attacks," Convisser said.