Defensive end Freddie Joe Nunn of the Phoenix Cardinals, who was suspended by the NFL for 30 days last season for substance abuse, says he has been told by team officials to stop drinking to avoid having a relapse.

Nunn said he was called into the office of Cardinals General Manager Larry Wilson after Phoenix lost its Sept. 9 season-opener, 31-0, in Washington and was told to quit drinking alcohol.

"I've completely stopped. No sips of beer. No one beer a night or a beer every two or three days," Nunn said. "I've completely stopped drinking and I feel good about myself."

Nunn was suspended Sept. 26 last season, reportedly for testing positive for cocaine use. He missed four games while undergoing rehabilitation at a treatment center in Sedona, Ariz. He still is subject to random drug tests. . . .

Three construction workers have surrendered to San Diego police for questioning in a midweek assault that left Chargers nose tackle Joe Phillips seriously injured, authorities said.

Phillips has been released from a hospital, but faces surgery next week to repair facial bone fractures. In his first public statement since the assault, he said he had wanted no part of the fight and was the victim of an unprovoked assault that took place after one of the men made a comment to a woman accompanying Phillips outside a San Diego restaurant.

The three men, all in their 20s, were not identified by name. They were not taken into custody pending further investigation, including appearing in a police lineup tentatively scheduled for early next week.